Video surveillance systems are the best way to keep the intruders away from one’s private property. They not only prevent burglary but also act as a piece of evidence in the case of theft and illegal activities. Security cameras employed in public places play a major role in maintaining order and peace. When these systems are employed in public places, people usually avoid doing illegal activities as they can get caught in the cameras.

Security cameras play a major role in the prevention of terrorist attacks, but several hacks like backdoor and trojan horse make people doubt if the system is truly effective in preventing terrorism or not. The recent advancements in technology have improved so much that the new surveillance systems are immune to any type of security breaches. There are many security system manufacturers that provide the best security with secure storage. Here is how CCTV cameras prevent terrorist attacks:

Monitor for Suspicious Activities

Public places like markets, bus stands, and railway stations are the most targetted places. As there are more mobility and crowd, terrorists think that it is easy for them to set up their plan. With the absence of a CCTV camera, their suspicious actions would go unnoticed by people. On the other hand, when CCTV cameras are employed, monitoring suspicious actions gets easier. Terrorists can get caught even before their plan is executed.

Recognize the Terrorists Even Before They Attack

Security cameras help in recognizing the face of the people present in the CCTV environment. When a data sheet of the list of terrorists with their pictures is fed into the system, it detects the presence of the terrorists in the crowd. This system can help the police track the terrorists.

Act as Deterrents

Though video surveillance cannot be termed as a complete solution to prevent terrorism, it can be an efficient way to keep the terrorists away. Terrorists usually stay away from places with CCTV cameras and find hacks to skip areas with cameras. Employing CCTV cameras everywhere can decrease the chances of such attacks.

CCTVs are installed in public places to prevent minor crimes such as theft, assault, and other anti-social activities. But, there is a major benefit added to it. CCTV cameras used to monitor public places impacts the effectiveness of the terror-attack prevention strategies. However, this strategy alone won’t be possible to avoid the situation all on its own. It, at least, prevents the act to an extent.