Food and other items are very essential for human existence. There are several cuisines which are available in India due to the presence of different regional and cultural backgrounds. You will find some delicious and mouth-watering dishes in different parts of the country.  The metro cities are blessed with eating destinations which are famous for offering multiple cuisines. But the question is where can we find these restaurants? Technology has benefitted a lot and one can use the internet to search for various eateries in town. But is there any source using which we can locate such eating destinations near to our locality? There is this online food app called TinyOwl which can help you in this task.

TinyOwl is equipped with some really amazing features that help the user locate a variety of restaurants along with the facility to order food using this medium. People might compare it with apps like Zomato but the TinyOwl app offers great efficiency and speed to order food and its online food delivery service is also swift. This app is compatible with smart phones which makes it quite convenient to use it whenever you feel like. People who live alone or the population that suffers a really hectic schedule can benefit a lot from this app.

using TinyOwl App

History of TinyOwl

The company has its base in Mumbai and the venture was initiated as a start-up in this city. Within few months the company decided to spread its reach in other metro cities like Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad and Gurgaon. At present, many people in these cities are using the services of TinyOwl for fulfilling their desires to acquire quality food. The TinyOwl app has attracted several restaurants and eating outlets which have associated themselves with this venture to serve superb delicacies to the people. This medium is also helping many eateries to popularize their dishes.

Benefits of TinyOwl

People in the active cities where TinyOwl is active have given a really positive response regarding the app. There are several benefits that make TinyOwl different from other apps like Zomato.

  • Easy Order Placement and Quick Delivery: One can learn about this app without any difficulty as it holds a simple interface. Orders can be placed within seconds if you know what food to order. The online food delivery service is very efficient as there are low chances of any delay. The customer is offered with an estimated delivery time that helps to keep a good check on the delivery time.
  • No Hidden Charges: The rates listed in the menus offered by different restaurants and other food items available on TinyOwl are free from any hidden charges. The customer has to pay the amount which is listed without any additional transaction charges.

Features of TinyOwl

  • Location Detection: Using this online food app one can easily search for different food outlets near to their locality. The app record the location of the customer and with the help of that information offers a list of restaurants near to his/her surroundings.
  • Payment Flexibility: The payment of the food bills on TinyOwl can be processed using your credit or debit card. There is also an option of net banking that can also be used. Cash-on-delivery is also available on certain orders.

Final Words

The company is soon planning to expand its reach to more cities across India. To learn more about this app you can call the customer support. Taste the best food in town with the help of this amazing platform. Download and install TinyOwl today on your smart phones.